Weekly wanderings…September 17th-23rd

Here is a small glimpse of my favorite wanderings of the week:

1. Panther ready to pounce in Central Park

Panther in Central Park

Whenever I run around the bend on the west side of East Drive road, I invariably catch a glimpse of this guy perched up on his rock. As soon as I see him, I know that I had better pick up my pace, and fast.

Panther Statue in Central Park

He’s watching.

2. Lounging seals

Seals in Central Park Zoo

I always peek to see if these gentleman are out for some sun whenever I run through the Central Park Zoo. They even smiled for me today 🙂

3. David’s Tea

David's TeaIf you’ve ever been to David’s Tea before, you know that the options are pretty incredible but extremely overwhelming. These tiny sampler packs are perfect for testing new flavors without a huge commitment (and you can’t beat 3 for $5).

4. Raw coconut meat from Eli Zabar’s

Coconut meat

I tried some raw coconut meat for the first time this week from Eli Zabar’s Farm to Table in Grand Central Market. Surprisingly, I found that it has a quite mild, almond-like taste. Bonus points – raw coconut meat is high in fiber, manganese, potassium, copper, and “good fat”. Yum.

5. Nearly retired Nike Frees

Dirty Nike Frees

Let’s be honest, these babies have seen better days. They’ve been good to me, but I think I forsee a visit to Paragon Sports in the very near future.

Here’s to another great week of wandering!

– Kristen

Weekly wanderings…September 17th-23rd

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