Weekly Wanderings…October 22nd-28th

As the worst of Frankenstorm is ahead of us, I thought it would be a good idea to write up my weekly wanderings before Con Edison preemptively shuts off our power in NYC. Stay safe everyone!

1. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. Union Square

Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. 2

I thought I’d test out Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. in Union Square this week. Although it looks like your typical froyo, Chloe’s is actually only made of 3 ingredients: real fruit, filtered water, and a touch of cane sugar. I decided to try the pumpkin flavor with blackberries and white carob chips. I actually couldn’t really taste the pumpkin very well but the soft serve fruit was super cold and refreshing. While I prefer froyo, this would definitely be a great treat for the dog days of summer.

2. If Lisa Frank Made Socks.

Socks - Lisa Frank

Picked up these gems at Paragon Sports. Don’t they look like they should be sold with a pack of Lisa Frank stickers?

Lisa Frank - LeopardLisa Frank Stickers

3. Leaves are a Fallin’

Madison Sq. Park - Reflecting Pool

Madison Sq. Park - Leaves

I walk through Madison Square Park quite frequently and, although it’s small, it’s one of my favorite parks in NYC. Here are a few shots of the reflecting pool littered with the colors of Fall.

4. Lounging with Art

Madison Square Art - Buckyball

Madison Square Art - Buckyball 2

There’s a new Madison Square Art installment up (just in time for Hurricane Sandy) and it really is quite nice. The installment is called “BUCKYBALL” and was constructed by the artist Leo Villareal. It’s hard not to be hypnotized by the ever-changing colors in the hexagonal art structure. There are even some cool wooden lounges set up as part of the exhibition for art-gazers to kick back, relax, and enjoy the light show.

Madison Square Art - Buckyball 3

Madison Square Art - Buckyball lounge chair

I finally nabbed a spot on one of the wooden lounges. Surprisingly comfy!

5. Trader Joe’s Hurricane Hysteria

Hurricane Sandy - Trader Joe's Hysteria

Trader Joe’s was INSANE on Sunday since everyone was stockpiling food, bottled water, and of course pinot noir for the pending storm. I have no idea why I was lucky enough to avoid the line outside the store, but it was out the door, down the block, and around the corner when I walked outside with my hard-won groceries in hand. The checkout line wrapped around the entire store as well (typical) but it moved pretty quickly and I’m happy to say I am prepped with lots of tasty goodies to wait out Hurricane Sandy.

Forever wandering (from my couch until the storm subsides…),

– Kristen

Weekly Wanderings…October 22nd-28th

12 thoughts on “Weekly Wanderings…October 22nd-28th

  1. pickyrunner says:

    this frankenstorm is so creepy! slash it hasn’t actually hit yet but it’s like the world is about to end or something! That froyo place looks pretty good- I’ll have to try it if I ever make my way there.
    Stay safe riding out the storm! It looks like NYC is getting a direct hit

  2. I’m a huge fan of Chloe’s/Soft Serve Fruit! I actually haven’t been since I’ve moved down here, so I’ll have to swing by sometime soon. I also went to Paragon Sports recently to pick up a new bathing suit, but I missed those awesome socks. Trader Joe’s was mobbed on Saturday, too; that’s when I went to stock up. Stay safe!

    1. Hey Carrie,

      What’s your go-to flavor at Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit? I was not in love with the pumpkin, only because it was lacking a lot of flavor. What kind of suit did you pick up at Paragon Sports? I’m thinking of joining a Masters swim team for maybe 2-3 practices a week but haven’t committed yet – where do you typically swim?

      I hope you survived Hurricane Sandy ok!

      – Kristen

  3. I hope you are safe and dry post-sandy. Chloe’s is one of my favorites too!! Thanks for sharing some great NYC photos. It’s always cool to see our city from another person’s eyes.

    1. Hey GraceKelle,

      Thanks for stopping by. What are you favorite flavors at Chloe’s? I want to try the best flavor next time I go. I’m glad you stayed safe during Sandy as well.

      – Kristen

  4. MikeW says:

    Red cross texts and prayers for the East Coasters. Glad you are posting and well after Sandy hit!

    Kristen, I love this intrepid fitness blog and the images you capture. Your unique NY state of mind is itself a niche. Now following and all the best!

  5. Kristen, great wanderings. Thanks for the ‘like’ for ‘Dilemma Taper’ – Actually, I just cancelled my NY Marathon registration so no more dilemma. I xontinue to think of all in NY with losses and resilience.

    1. Thanks Marylou! Good thing that the NYC Marathon was cancelled – the people in Long Island especially needed the help and support of the NYC runners much more.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      – Kristen

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