Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Kristen Henkels East River after Hurricane Sandy

Hello All,

It’s been a difficult couple of days in NYC following Hurricane Sandy. I’m sure you’ve all been watching the news and have seen the incredible images of the flooding and damages that occurred in lower Manhattan and in the surrounding boroughs. While my roommate and I are without power, water, and heat I am extremely thankful that I am safe, along with my family and friends in NJ. Some lost their homes, their businesses, and their loved ones due to Sandy and I hope that we can all lend love and support to anyone who needs it in the coming weeks and months.

While the damages from the storm were greatly humbling, they also brought a softer side of NYC to light – those fortunate enough to have power opened their homes to others, restauranteurs cooked up meals to feed those in need for free, and New Yorkers actually smiled at each other on the street from time to time. I have to give a special shout-out to New York Sports Club for opening their doors to the public so that I (a non-member) could have a hot shower before work this morning.

NYSC logo

As the cleanup and rebuilding commences, there’s a feeling of solidarity spreading through the streets of New York and it feels pretty…nice. So while Hurricane Sandy brought about many tragic results, it also highlighted why it is great to be a part of this amazing, resilient city.

Here are a few shots I took on Tuesday afternoon around Times Square and the East River post-Sandy:

Pigeons flocked together to keep warm post-storm.
Bryant Park post-Sandy
The Bryant Park Christmas Shoppes braved the storm. Thankfully it looks like none of them suffered any major damage.
Closed due to Sandy
Lots of stores closed early to prep for Sandy’s arrival, and many still remain closed.
Naked Cowboy Times Square
Sandy may have taken away the Naked Cowboy’s power, but never his dignity.
Tree on road - Sandy
Tree down in Murray Hill post-Sandy. We thankfully suffered minimal damages in the area.
Babuska & Porsche
My roommate Kristen and I (yes, we have the exact same name) decided to investigate Sandy’s effects on the area around the East River & 34th St. on Tuesday.
Helicopter over East River
Grey skies over the East River with a helicopter surveying the scene.
Distressed Babushka - East River
A babushka lady expressed concerned.
Runners in debris post-Sandy
Lots of debris was scattered everywhere along the East River running path. Runners gotta run though.
Debris near East River post-Sandy
So much debris.
Debris near East River Post-Sandy 2
More wooden planks on the running path.
Stop sign & debris East River post-Sandy
This debris is NOTHING compared to lower Manhattan and the Jersey Shore. We are very lucky.
East River running path after Sandy
My beloved running path wheat grasses did not survive the storm. They were all practically gone.
Dog chasing ball East River post-Sandy
Some found comfort in getting back to the normal routine.
Dog days post-Sandy
Dogs being dogs.
Post-flooding near East River
Flooding occurred in the first floor of this apartment building near the East River. Roto Rooter was on the scene pumping water out of the lobby and cleaning the carpets.
Clean up post-Sandy
Good Samaritans already volunteering their time to get things back to normal.
Cell phone charging after Hurricane Sandy
Every store, bank, and coffee shop above 40th street had people charging their phones, iPads, and computers from any available outlet or power strip.
Starbucks Free Wifi after Hurricane Sandy
While most Starbucks were closed on Tuesday, they all still offered free WiFi for clever New Yorkers.
White Pigeons. after Hurricane SandyJPG
NYC’s version of the dove carrying the olive leaf – a pair of two perfectly white pigeons to signify the end of the storm.

Stay safe, stay strong, & keep on wandering.

– Kristen

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

28 thoughts on “Surviving Hurricane Sandy

  1. pickyrunner says:

    I’m so glad you are safe from the storm! Thanks for sharing these pictures- they really help us see exactly how devastating it was to some areas.

    1. Thank you pickyrunner! I’m glad you liked the photos – they are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the level of destruction that occurred to the region due to Sandy. Thanks for stopping by.

      – Kristen

  2. I hope you get power and water back soon, Sandy made such a mess. NYC is still the best city in the world, we adapt and recover quickly. Just to prove it, we’re still running the marathon on Sunday!

    1. Hey Jay,

      Thanks for reading. I’m proud to say that the New York community quickly came together to help those affected most by the storm. It’s been a pretty inspiring past couple of days.

      – Kristen

  3. Glad you’re doing OK, Kristen. I’ve been without power since Monday night, too, so it’s been tough, but like you wrote, at least I’m safe. You’re also right about the storm un-jading New Yorkers a bit. Yesterday and today, I’ve had really great conversations with strangers in Starbucks, and we all agreed if Sandy hadn’t hit, we probably wouldn’t be talking to each other. Stay safe, and I hope you get power back soon!

  4. Wow, great photos showing the aftermath…I couldn’t believe some of the things I was seeing on TV from NYC =( Glad you are okay though! I am also without power, but thankfully we have a generator. Hopefully we all get power (and normalcy) back soon!

    1. Hey reach-yourpeak,

      I’m glad you are safe and had a generator – very handy. Thankfully my roommate and I got our power back late Saturday night just in time for the cold weather! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      – Kristen

  5. Great pictures! And thats awesome of the gym, I had to call up my gym on Tuesday to see if they had hot water so I could get a shower in before work too!

  6. Thanks Kristen to visit my blog, and for the great photos you posted, hope they restore power and water soon. Heard right now NYC Marathon was Canceled, probably the right decision after this mess. Feel sorry for all the people that are suffering for the Hurricane. Simply unbelievable!

    1. Hey gbenanzin,

      Thanks for visiting my blog as well! I’m glad you liked the photos, however they definitely don’t capture the true devastation that so many people experienced. Yes, I agree that it’s a good thing that the NYC Marathon was cancelled – time and resources were put to much better use in helping those affected by the hurricane.

      – Kristen

  7. MikeW says:

    Great photo journal of what surrounds you and some poignant posting. The following caption you wrote I am voting for the classic humor award:

    “Sandy may have taken away the Naked Cowboy’s power, but never his dignity.”

    1. MikeW says:

      I’d like to add that you really have a natural talent for capturing stories in your images. Or, maybe you’re a highly trained professional photographer and I didn’t catch that in your About.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words Mike! I am not a trained photographer in the slightest but would love to take a class to hone my technique in the near future.

        – Kristen

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