Turkey Trotting – Morris Township, NJ Thanksgiving Day 5K


Hello All!

So I decided that my next race will be a a quick and dirty 5K on Thanksgiving Day (11/22) in Morris Township, NJ. I also successfully recruited my sister, Mary, to run with me – I’m so excited! The race is located about 30 minutes away from my parents’ house in NJ so not only will Mary and I feel like we’ve earned our Thanksgiving feast, but we will also miss most of the food preparations (which was my secret plan all along!). Just kidding mom…

Mary and Kristen Henkels

I have not raced a 5K since my freshman year of college when I was a coach for the Girls on the Run program in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That being said, I typically run at least 3 miles whenever I go for a jog so I think I will be ok. My goal would be to run at a 7:00/mile pace at least, so hopefully that is do-able. Only time will tell.

Forever wandering,

– Kristen

Turkey Trotting – Morris Township, NJ Thanksgiving Day 5K

24 thoughts on “Turkey Trotting – Morris Township, NJ Thanksgiving Day 5K

  1. pickyrunner says:

    I think it’s so great that you coached girls on the run- that’s one of my dreams post grad… or maybe even before! I did it when I was a kid and I’m sure it inspired me to start running when I got to high school. Also, just voted for you 🙂

    1. That is so cool you were part of the GOTR program! I’m sure you will be a great coach one day. It is such an awesome thing to be a part of. Hopefully I will be able to sign up to be a coach again one day soon, work permitting.

      And thanks for voting, I REALLY appreciate it!

      – Kristen

  2. Just mailed in my registration for a local turkey trot this week! I’m also trying to get my sister to run with me! Great minds … 🙂 The event is a little strange though because it offers a 4- and 8-K course and not the typical 5-K. I ran the 4-K last year, and I plan to step up to the plate and do the 8-K this time.

    1. Hey Carrie,

      Awesome! Are you going home for Thanksgiving? Hopefully you will convince your sister…mine took a bit of begging and she never fully agreed to do it until I secretly signed her up haha. Crazy that the course is not a typical length but good luck with the 8K distance!

      – Kristen

      1. That’s a good idea–I should’ve mailed “her” registration with mine! 😉 Yep, I’m heading back to Syracuse for Turkey Day. Can’t wait to run and do some serious eating. 🙂

  3. losing50laps says:

    Sounds like fun! Even better that you miss all that food prep/snacking time.
    When I am at a computer next – I will vote!

  4. runcolbyrun says:

    I voted! Go get ’em lady! And thanks for dropping by our blog. LOVE that you were involved with Girls on the Run. Awesome organization.

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