Fit.Fashion: Love Lululemon but Hate the Price?…Meet Ellie!

Ellie Hot Tropic Bra_To Dye For Capri 1 - The Fit Wanderer

Hey All,

I don’t know about you, but if it were up to me I would spend at least 90% of my time in spandex and Nike Frees. Alas – this is not really an option for me since I have an office job, but when I do get to don athletic attire, I like to have some fun with it. Bright colors, daring cuts, various brands – I’m a fan of it all when it comes to gearing up to sweat it out.

The crème de la crème of women’s athletic wear these days is the yogi master-of-the-universe, Lululemon. Now I’m a huge lover-of-luon myself, but I can’t go around buying a pair of $100 yoga pants every month (as much as I would like to). You can’t either? Meet Ellie!

Ellie logo

Ellie is a brand-spanking new women’s activewear company that specializes in beautifully-designed garments to kick ass in at the gym – that won’t leave you completely broke. The company is the brainchild of co-founders Marcus Greinke and Lindsay Daniels, who both have strong backgrounds in retail apparel and design (take a look at their monthly collections – they know what they’re doing). Marcus and Lindsay decided to take their collective experience to launch Ellie as an e-commerce site after realizing the huge gap between Lululemon and well, pretty much every other activewear brand in the category.

Similar to Lululemon, Ellie uses high-quality materials and meticulous design elements to craft their products, however production is vertically integrated (all products are designed in-house at their LA studio), cutting the time from design to wearable product down to two months. Basically the entire production process is more efficient from beginning to end and the cost savings are passed on to the Ellie consumer. Score!

The Fit Fashionista Club - Ellie

Ellie fans can buy individual items or subscribe at $49.95 per month to the Fit Fashionista Club to receive two items of their choice. If members don’t make their selection in time, Ellie will send a surprise pairing of their latest monthly line. In this case, surprises are definitely a good thing. And if all else fails, return shipping is free for members.

I signed up to the Fit Fashionista club a few months ago and have been pleasantly surprised each time I receive Ellie’s signature pink, metallic envelope in the mail. Check out the pictures below of me testing out the Hot Tropic Bra and To Dye For Capri from April’s Coral Crush Collection.

Cute, functional, and affordable – Ellie is officially my new best friend.

Ellie Hot Tropic Bra 1 - The Fit Wanderer

Ellie Hot Tropic Bra_To Dye For Capri 2 - The Fit Wanderer

Ellie To Dye For Capri 2 - The Fit Wanderer

Ellie Hot Tropic Bra_To Dye For Capri 3 - The Fit Wanderer

Forever Wandering (preferably while wearing spandex),

– Kristen

Fit.Fashion: Love Lululemon but Hate the Price?…Meet Ellie!

6 thoughts on “Fit.Fashion: Love Lululemon but Hate the Price?…Meet Ellie!

    1. Melissa – I’m jealous you get to wear athletic gear every day for work, that’s my dream! What’s your go-to brand? I love anything that’s tight-fitting with bright colors pretty much.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      – Kristen

  1. I just signed up for Ellie’s fit fashionista club and recently placed my first order. I know it hasn’t quite been 2 months since you posted this, but are the Ellie products still holding up well?

    1. Hey Miranda, thanks for reading! My Ellie products are still going strong and I wear them every week. All of the leggings still feel really good and have kept their elasticity, just make sure to NOT wash them with towels (I learned that the hard way) or you will get white pilling on the fabric. The tanks I have are holding up well too. When you get your first shipment let me know what you think (and what outfit you picked out of course!).

      – Kristen

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